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James McSwiney DDS                          Call 770-988-0047
We provide   

                      -Complete diagnosis of all your oral needs
                      -Periodontal scalings 
                      -Treatment plans to fit your budget
                      -Cosmetic fillings
                          -Cosmetic crowns and veneers 
                      -Crown build up and posts
                      -Dentures and partials of all types
                      -Implants  that support an individual tooth,
                               multiple teeth or 
                               prosthetics (dentures and partials) 
                      -Teeth bleaching
                      -TMD services  night guards, 
                           bite adjustments, pain reduction
                      -Insurance accepted
                      -Fluoride gel for teeth sensitivity
                              and cavity protection
                            -We accept all major credit cards
​                            -Discounts for cash
Services provided

In our office, It is our policy to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their specific needs. Our staff members are professional, courteous and efficient. We use only the best materials, and all of our lab work is done locally. We treat you like family.